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Custom Php Web Development

At Tegra Design, we offer customized PHP web development solutions for varied business needs. The company holds its position as one of the subsidiaries of Webby Central, a renowned name for exclusive and advanced web development. Owing to our proven methodologies, 24/7 support and industry standard practices, we have emerged as a respected brand.

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What Compels Our Clients To Join Hands With Us!

  • Understanding of client’s business

  • Custom PHP web development
  • Qualified and certified PHP programmers
  • Multiple OS compatibility
  • 24/7 technical and custom support

  • Economical web development

  • Quality and timely project delivery
  • Practical and efficient customized solution

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PHP and Frameworks

Web Development

PHP was invented specially for server side scripting. Most of web applications are developed with PHP because of high scalability. Enjoy the advantages of the most preferred scripting languages with custom PHP web development services.

For Creating Dynamic
Web Applications

We imbibe both creativity and technical expertise to deliver bespoke PHP website and web applications for business. Focused on result-driven solutions, we go beyond the client’s expectations to deliver user-friendly PHP web solutions matching their requisites.

Delivering Web
Applications Remarkably Faster

Frameworks are the real efficiency boosters of web applications. They are equipped with attractive features like session management and database access libraries. This reduces the development time significantly.



Laravel is a great PHP framework, one of the best frameworks. Laravel attempts to take the pain out of development by easing common tasks used in the majority of web projects, such as authentication, routing, sessions, and caching.


With a perfect blend of secure encryption, high performance and open architecture, we offer enterprise-focused Zend framework development services in efficient ways.



It is a high performance PHP frameworks for developing range of applications. Its high speed and security makes it a developer-friendly framework.



Symfony is an open source PHP framework with MVC architecture. It is one of the most popular application frameworks among the open source developers’ community. It is used to build high-performance complex web applications.



Meant for the creation of dynamic and intuitive PHP websites, CodeIgniter is an exceptional framework for responsive, lightweight and quick deliveries.


CakePHP is an apt choice for startups and small medium businesses which is often recommended for rapid development and integration of web applications.


Our Process



Our programmers design a prototype for the site layout and navigation structure. The prototypes function great for responsive websites.



This stage focuses strictly on the visual aesthetics and plan a layout that is unique to the company’s image.


It’s time to jump into the coding by designing new templates, importing data, publishing content and so on.


The final website created is fully tested to ensure everything is functioning properly before the final launch.

Hire WordPress Developers That Deliver

If you are looking to hire a WordPress developer who delivers meticulous work and reliability of proficiency which is corresponding to your business need, then you’ve come to the right place. To achieve optimum productivity, we blend suitable models along with your requirements for the projects by means of clarity, team-work and most up-to-date measures. We will interconnect you with the WordPress Development team that best fits your needs and requirements.

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Locations We Serve

Tegra is a PHP Development company that provides PHP development services in US, Canada, Australia, and the UK. Additionally, we provide our PHP Development services locally to the following areas: Alexandria, VA, Springfield, VA, Arlington, VA, Tysons, VA, Baltimore, MD and Washington DC.

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