Eye Care Success Story – Facebook and Insta Ads

Eye Care Success Story – Facebook and Insta Ads


Our client sought to raise awareness among their audience about the critical significance of eye care.

We used meta/facebook ads to effectively convey the importance of eye care to our client’s target audience, resulting in significant increase in awareness and engagement.


The client wanted to increase appointment bookings for kids’ eye exams, specifically targeting parents with children in their location.

We created informative graphics specifically aimed at parents in their area to boost bookings. The result was nearly a twofold increase in appointments for children’s eye exams.


The clients wanted to showcase all the services they provide for eye care. We created a creative piece that detailed their services.

Crafting compelling Ad Copy by using:
– Captivating headlines
– Concise messaging
– Strong calls to action (CTA)


Many users were visiting their website, but they weren’t converting into leads or booking appointments as intended.

We launched meta remarketing ads and created multiple lookalike audiences. As a result, our targeting became highly precise, leading to a significant increase in new appointments at a lower cost.