Mobile App Development

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Tegradesign Android Development

Native Android App Development

Native android app development is done using the NDK (Native Development Kit) and Android SDK. Native Android applications are primarily built in Java with the ability to use C or C++ programming language to achieve some parts of the functionality. To learn more about the types of Android apps we build, click below.

Tegradesign ios Development

Native iOS App Development

iOS is Apple’s mobile OS that runs on an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch hardware. Native iOS apps are built in Xcode, Swift and Objective C which are compatible Apple platforms. Apple provides tools and resources for creating iOS apps and accessories for these devices. To learn more about our iOS development tools, click the link below

Our Process

We use an approach that puts you first, followed by your app’s users. Our process keeps you in control of your project and ensures transparency between our team and yours. Risks are minimized and delivery is set at a calculable pace.

Discovery & Design
Discovery & Design

Our Discovery and Design phase is fundamental to our process. We work with your team, brainstorming and setting goals. We prioritize product features, create user personas, produce wireframes, mockups and user flows, then build an interactive app prototype to test.


During the coding phase, Tegra Design plans and delivers in “sprints”. This is where user stories are in place and your team works around the sprint goals to deliver them on time and on budget. Each sprint finishes with a completed step that is a potentially shippable product with a demo.

User Acceptance Testing
User Acceptance Testing

The objective of UAT is to clear out all remaining bugs and ensure the product is stabilized and working properly on all relevant devices. Then the stakeholders are involved in getting the final approval of your app.


Before your app is released, we ensure it has ticked all the boxes for our delivery process. This includes making sure everything required for the app release is done. The next step is submitting your app to the relevant app stores, which is overseen by a Release Manager.

Why Tegra Design



We always go out of the box with our UX design. We have expert designers that have worked on hundreds of different projects. Give us your thoughts and ideas, and we’ll create something astounding. Contact us if you want to review our already-created UX designs.



No time wasting! We hate it! For us, the app’s functionality is the core of the app development process. Every version we give you passes a rigorous testing process. We test each feature & performance thoroughly before we give you the final version.



We have a professional and experienced team of Android and iOS developers. Continuously involved in different types of app development projects, rest assured that you are hiring seasoned pros with skillsets that span across multiple mobile operating systems.



Have a question? We are here! Need a problem solved or a new feature/idea added? Again, we are here! Our continuous support will give you the peace of mind that you deserve. We are highly responsive via email, messages & phone calls.



There is no other way than the agile way! We pride ourselves in integrating continuous agile development into our mobile development processes. Thus, expect perfect collaboration, adaptive planning, timely delivery & continuous improvement.



Complete customer satisfaction is what drives us. Highly responsive and accountable, we are here until you are completely satisfied with the app’s functionality and until you are ready to recommend us to your friends, partners and business acquaintances.



Submitting your app to Google Play and App Store can be a complicated process. Now, more than ever, they are rigorous about the app that gets approval for publishing. We take care of the submission quickly, efficiently and exquisitely!

Tegradesign project manager


We have dedicated project managers for any mobile app development project. You will not be communicating with a group of people. The project manager keeps you informed about your project, provides prompt answers and engages you as an integral part of the development process.